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    of children and youth creativity
"Steps to mastership" - 2015

     May 27 - 31, 2015, Moscow, Russia



Festival Founders:

The independent noncommercial organization of preservation and development of world art culture     in creativity of children and youth FESTIVAL

Supported by:

         Music Russian Composers Union

         North-East District Culture Department, Moscow

         Children Musical School No.28 named after A.T. Grechaninov

Information support:

         Bulgaria cultural center in Moscow

         Popular Radio

Participation may be:

  • Intra-mural
  • Extra-mural

Festival objects and targets:

- Musical-aesthetical education of young musicians;

-  Discovery and support of talented musicians;

-  Performing skills development of creative groups and soloists;

-  Organization of round tables and consultations for beginning singers and their teachers. 


  • Variety singing (solo)
  • Academic singing (solo, ensemble 2 to 6 persons)
  • Variety-singing ensembles (2 to 6 persons)
  • Chorus-singing ensembles (8 to 12 persons variety and academic singing)
  • Chorus (from 16 persons)
  • Choreography (classic, variety dance, modern dance, folk dance ensembles from 8 persons)
  • Art of declamation (poems, fiction, recital of individual literary works)
  • Piano (solo, ensemble)
  • Instrumental performance (string, wind, drum instruments solo and ensembles)

Special  Categories:

Performer of own piece of work (vocal singing, instrumental performance, art of declamation the piece of work must be performed by the author). No age restrictions.

  • Young anchor (participants should be 9 -14 years old)

Age categories: from 5 to 25 years of age.

Age categories:

 Solo singers in category Variety singing*

- I category     (5-6 years old)

- II category    (7-8 years old)

- III category   (9-10 years old)

- IV category   (11-13 years old)

- V category    (14-18 years old)

- VI category   (19-25 years old)

 Ensembles are divided into junior (5-10 years old), middle (11-15 year old) and senior age (16-25 years old) categories, mixed age categories are also possible.

Soloists in categories Academic singing, Art of declamation and Piano are divided into junior, middle and senior age categories.

Participants in categories Academic singing, Art of Declamation, Instrumental performance and Piano are divided into junior (5-10 year old), middle (11-15 years old) and senior (16-25 years old) age categories.

Special categories are not divided into age categories. No age limitation are applied for category Performer of own piece of work; the age of participants within the category Young anchor   9 -14 years old.

* A participant age should match the announced category on the day of Festival audition.


Timing of Festival: 

26 of May, 2015 31 of May, 2015. More detailed preliminary timetable will be announced after 20 April, 2015 in the website.

  • Festival participants performances; competition in categories followed by awarding with Laureate Diplomas of 1, 2, 3 degrees and Diploma winners.
  • Artistic meeting with composers Eugeniy Zagot and Alexandre Ermolov
  • Round table for teachers and leaders of festival participants
  • master classes (Academic singing and Variety singing, Piano,  psychological aspects of musicians training

31 of May 2015, 11:00 15:00 Festival performances in categories Variety Singing solo and ensemble, Choreography on the main stage Theatre-concert hall of Cultural centre Moskvich.  

31 of May 2015, 17:00 20:00 Final Gala Concert and winners awarding in Theatre-Concert hall of Cultural centre Moskvich (Volgogradskiy prospect, 46/15).

Date and time of every participant performance can be found on the festival website www.festivalmoscow.com  after 17 of May 2015.


Requirements for the performed programme:

*Would a participant wish to change his/her programme item, the information should be provided at least one week before the Festival.

For categories Variety-singing (solo), Variety-singing ensembles:

Performance of two compositions of different nature. Works are performed to a recording minus vocal or accompanied (adaptations and transcriptions for piano are allowed). Double-tracks are not allowed. Background vocal recorded in minus vocal is allowed (except for background vocal, duplicating main vocal melody!). Solo singers are provided with a radio microphone or a fixed microphone (at the discretion). For vocal ensembles from 2 to 6 people we provide radio microphones or 4 fixed microphones. For vocal ensembles from 7 to 16 people we provide 4 fixed microphones. Usage of other sound equipment (participants own microphones, straight headset etc.), usage of additional musical instruments (except for the piano), background vocal including in the performance, usage of lightning effects are prohibited. The phonogram is provided an hour before the performance on CD-R (recorded with the speed up to x8) or on a flash-card. Acceptable formats are:   wav, mp3 (not less than 256 kb/sec.). The disc should be signed (family name, name; composition name; duration). The total duration of the performed programme should not exceed 7 minutes.

Category Academic singing (solo, ensemble 2 to 6 persons). For age category 5-13 years old: performance of two compositions of different nature (at participants option) accompanied by the piano. For age category 14-25 years old: performance of two compositions. The first one is aria of Russian or foreign composer. The second one is a romance or a song.  It is possible to perform a composition a cappella. The total duration of the performed programme should not exceed 7 minutes. Microphones are not provided.

For categories Art of Declamation the total duration should not exceed 5 minutes (poetry, fiction, literary composition solo and ensembles). Compositions themes: Music, Creation, The world of childhood.

For category Choreography: performance of two choreographic compositions. The total duration of the two performances should not exceed 8 minutes.

For category Piano (classical and jazz performance) - two pieces of different nature, total time is 8 minutes at most.

For category Piano ensemble: two pieces of different nature, original piano compositions for 4, 6, 8 hands and two pianos, as well as symphony, instrumental or opera adaptations (7 minutes at most). Two-piano adaptation of pieces for piano with orchestra is not allowed.

For category Instrumental performance: performance of two pieces of different nature, total time is 8 minutes at most.

For category Instrumental ensemble: performance of two pieces of different nature (your choice), total time is 8 minutes at most.

For special category Performer of own piece of work: the performance of one or two his/her compositions (vocal singing or instrumental performance, declaration of literature piece of work). The total duration should be 4 minutes at most. Performance of several pieces of works is allowed a separate application is required for each of them.

For Special category Young Anchor (participants of 9 14 year old) two rounds will be organized:

1)    performance of a poem or piece of fiction (chosen by participants, 1 minute long), Anchor Text (text will be published on the site later)

2)    Improvised  work with professional anchor (time for preparation 15 minutes, recital of a text, dialogue on the stage).

The number of participants who take part in the performance is indicated in the application form (including backup dancers, concertmaster and other participants); those participants who are not indicated in the application form will not be allowed to perform. Registration of participants will be completed on the day of the competitive audition one hour before the performance. For participants of festival rooms for rehearsals are provided before the performance.

The jury chairman is a composer, a Russia Composers Union member, author of musicals Scarlet Sails,  Curved Sea Shore, Vinyl, musical director and chief conductor of musicals Mamma Mia, Love and espionage, I am Edmon Dantes, National award laureate Musical Heart of Theatre Eugeniy Zagot.

The jury decision is considered to be final and will not be reconsidered.

  Evaluation Criteria:

  • For variety and academic singing categories: vocal and intonation skills; diction and orphoepy (distinct and grammatically correct text pronunciation); participant performance expression and musical taste; full disclosure of musical composition character; correspondence the participant appearance to the performed composition.
  • For category variety singing ensemble vocal and intonation skills; style and musical sense of the performance; skills level of ensemble performance, stage image.
  • For category Art of declamation: composition artistic value and correspondence of the composition to the performers age and personality; diction culture, observation of orphoepy and speech logics; communication with listener effectiveness, ability to deliver the composition atmosphere; the composition dramatic solution.
  • For category Piano, Piano ensemble, Free composition ensemble: performance techniques, performance expression and participant musical taste, full disclosure of musical composition character.
  • For category Choreography: level of choreography training; stage culture; suit; compositional architecture; artistic skills, revelation of musical composition artistic character, artistic value of musical composition.
  • For special category Performer of own piece of work: artistic value of composition; composition form and content; the authors treatment and material emotional fulfillment.
  • For special category Young Anchor: diction culture and expression; artistic impression and skills to improvise; skills to work with microphone; originality of the performance; stage image


Festival Awards:  

  All participants will be given Diplomas of participants of the International Festival.

The Festival winners are awarded with Laureate Diplomas. Participants performed successfully will receive degree Diploma winner.

The following special diplomas and prizes may be awarded:

  • Acting talent
  • The youngest participant
  • The best singer of a song written by Eugeniy Zagot
  • The best stage performance
  • The best stage costume

Each participants teachers will be awarded with Letters of Gratitude.

   The Festival gives titles of Laureates of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades in each category and age group. The Festival Grand Prize can be awarded. Special Diplomas and prizes can be also awarded.

   The announcements of results and awarding will take place on the final Gala-concert, in which festival winners will take part. The Jury has the right not to award particular prizes and places in some categories, depending on the sum of participants gained scores.


TV and video recording of the Festival performances, the Festival and Gala-concert activities can be conducted by TV companies and individuals who have a letter of accreditation from the Festival Management.

Video recordings and photos of participants can be used by Organization Committee of the Festival in the future work for Festival development.

Video and Audio recording of Worshops is not allowed.

Festival authorities do not bear responsibility for usage of compositions during the Festival. All claims of properties should be forwarded to the participant of Festival.

Requests for marks and the jurys comments can be sent to info@festivalmoscow.com  upon the Festival completion from the 3th of June, 2014 till the 17th of June, 2014. 

Applications for participation in the Festival are accepted from the 1st of April till the 15th of May, 2015.

Organization fare for participation in the Festival:  

Intra-mural participation: (performance as per Regulations)

  • Variety singing (solo) 63 Euro
  • Academic singing (solo)   52 Euro
  • Academic singing  (ensemble 2 to 6 persons) - 35 Euro for each participant
  • Variety-singing ensembles (2 to 6 persons) 35 Euro for each participant
  • Chorus-singing ensembles (8 to 12 persons variety and academic singing) 23 Euro for each participant of the chorus
  • Chorus (from 16 persons) 12 Euro for each participant
  • Piano (solo) 40 Euro
  • Piano ensemble 23 Euro for each participant of the ensemble
  •  Instrumental performance (solo) - 40 Euro
  • Instrumental ensemble 23 Euro for each participant of the ensemble
  • Art of declamation (solo) 35 Euro
  • Art of declamation (ensemble) 18 Euro for each participant of the ensemble
  • Choreography (ensemble from 8 persons) 23 Euro for each participant of the ensemble

Special  Categories:

  • Performer of own piece of work  - 63 Euro
  • Young anchor 40 Euro

Extra-mural participation

During the period 1 April 25 May 2015:

In order to apply for participation in Festival (extra-mural participation) it is required:

For foreigners:

Payment in the amount of 25 Euro or 35 USD is made via money transfer system Western Union, Migom, Contact, Yunistream, Zolotaya Korona (Gold Crown) and others.

The application is considered to be accepted after Festival committee confirms the acceptance of the application and video file.

Acceptance confirmation is sent to you via e-mail not later than 3 days after it is received by the committee.

Evaluation of performance and professional recommendations of the jury, diplomas and grateful letters are sent after 2 June 2015 to the postal address, specified in the application.

To apply for participation in the Festival it is necessary:

To complete the Application (Printed Applicationa are accepted only!) and send the application in the attached Word file to the e-mail   info@festivalmoscow.ru 

       The application is considered to be accepted once the confirmation from Festival Committee is received.

       Confirmation receipt is sent to you within 2 days after it is received by the Festival Committee.

       Payment by cash on the day of performance during registration.


- Sound records (for variety categories participants) are sent together with Application (from 17 to 24 May 2015) to e-mail: phonograms@mail.ru  in wav or mp3 formats (not less than 256 Kbps). File name should contain the following information: participant name category age the name of the piece of work.


Festival participants transportation costs to Moscow and back are paid by the participants.


In case of questions please send an e-mail to info@festivalmoscow.ru

to Andrey Glumov.








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